Return of the vector wheels by AR T look alikes


Jul 20, 2004
Hey guys and gals I just want to let everyone know that American Racing will be offering the all new VECTOR rims in 2006. I just got done talikng with my AR sale rep here at my work SEARS AUTO CENTER and saw the 06 catalog and I must say these look just like the T wheels and the early GN style wheels. It looks like they come in 15x7 and 15x8 for most RWD cars and trucks. Look for them in this years 06 catalog they look AWSOME painted/machined alloy&section=N
Sweet. :cool:

Let's hope they cost what they're worth. ;)

About $100 each like other AR wheels. :p

Great for the street, strong, and a reasonable weight. :)
Problem I see is that they only make the 15x8.5's with a 5" backspacing. Far too much for our chassis'
I guess I'd be more excited if I didn't know there are perfect T wheels out there folks aren't willing to spend $100 for???