Revolution X 9.5 NLU Converter

i will put it to you this way the 65f1 flows closer to a 68 turbine wheel.

65f1 is done at 80-82#/min
62f1 is capable of 70#/min

Yes it’s capable of more power.
Depends on exhaust housing too... Garrett .63 on 65f1 wheel WILL NOT be capable of 800hp at the flywheel. With a .85 housing it’s capable 800-820hp with the right compressor wheel on the right car.
Converter requirements are VERY dependant on the use, power, suspension setup, boost control, and weight of the car. One size never fits all.
Ur guys right thought he had a cam and good spring in there.. 5100-5200 would be good with stock junk.
Not 100% stock...has an old Comp 206 FT cam and the proper springs with arp head studs but everything else is stock. I'm not sure what the rpm range is on the 206 cam but I feel like I could raise the shift point up a little from 5100.
3 bolt ex housing and ive made alot more than 800hp ;)

Yes .85 which is like .9 can make mid 800 ... look at Garrett .82 in comparison. .85 looks noticeably bigger.

Just saying 800 hp .63 pte or Garrett won’t do make it there