Rim And Tire Size

If ya want I have seen up to 18's. I think the limit to good looks is the 17's though. Anything more larger IMO is ghetto.
Hey man!!!!

Theres a guy here with a GN. "That he does not have a clue about at all". With some 22's on it. Guys at the shop that sold them to him say that they are 22x9.5's with like4 1/2 B.s. Oh by the way they are spinners so they look pretty sweet.
yea but

Those are not real cars they are die-cast models. You could do that to a car with the aid of air bags but that would simply be just stupid. You would be giving up ride handling everything just to be seen. I like attention to but to do that to a nice ride if it were a REAL CAR OR TRUCK is not worth it..