Rims to Fit GN ?


May 8, 2002
I'm am looking at a set of Rims for my 86 GN and was wondering what will fit. The Ones I am looking at are
16 x 8 w/ 5" bs . The tires are 245 / 60 / 16's
They were on an S-10 . Does anyone know if these will fit.

Thanks for the 4-11
I think 5" is going to be too much back spacing. With that much the rear tires will rub the frame and the fronts will hit the tie rod end. You will want to look for wheels with 3-1/2" to 4" back spacing. I run 16x8 GTA wheels on my car, they have 4" of back spacing and the tires are close to the frame with them.