Roller bearings anyone?


Apr 19, 2008
Wondering if anybody has run or is running roller cam bearings and/or roller crankshaft bearings in an engine build up Buick or not. With billet everything available nowadays, I'm surprised no one has these kits on the market by now or maybe someone does and I just don't know about it. I had always wanted to do this to my 400sbc build using the smaller journal 350 crank. It's been a thought for the past decade but no cash and too many bills; I have not been able to do it. Bobbitt type bearings work great and all but there has got to be a better way. I hear a lot of reasons why roller bearings aren't durable under such demandings applications but I say it's BS. I don't see anybody using bobbitt bearings on high spinning turbines or super heavy machinery in the mining industry for example. I know Timken gave it a go with the SBC but was short lived or maybe still going??!?! I have not been able to find any part numbers. Maybe they are available and some elite group uses them to have an advantage over most everybody else. LOL. It would be kool if somer rich car nut was to make this dream a reality.