Roller Cam, ATR Rods, JE Pistons, HD Rocker shafts

V6 Beast

Under Pressure
Jun 5, 2001
I have a few go fast goodies I am selling.

Comp 214/214 Billet Roller Cam. .543 lift with 1.55 rockers. .566 with 1.60s This a complete setup from Weber Racing. Cam, Front hardware, Lifters, Pushrods. Does not include Valve Springs. Setup is used but Weber just checked it out and everything is in excellent condition. This is the same cam grind that I ran for last 3 years. (not exact same cam but same grind) You will need to send your front cover to weber for machining ($35) if you haven't done it already. $900 shipped.

ATR forged rods with JE 3.830 forged pistons pressed on. Rods were $800 new alone. All rods and Pistons are in excellent shape. $900 Shipped

Heavy Duty rocker shafts with stock rockers. Complete setup ready to bolt on. $80 Shipped

Alum Front Bumper Support. $65 + Shipping.

Email with Questions.
Whats Up Sully

What Up Sully,thats Some Very Nice Items Dude,if I Have'nt Started Already,i Would Purchase It Should`nt Last Long On This Site

You forgot to mention that these rods and pistons can be used with either a stock crank or an Eagle crank. Maybe that will help you sell them.


V6 Beast said:
~After Christmas Sale~

Rods, pistons $850

Billet cam kit $850
Good Point Neal. Thanks!

These are a perfect compliment to an Eagle Crank. Stock Rods would still be a major weak spot.