Roller cam spring retainers


Broken down

The machinest called me to day to let me know that the spings that were are on heads will not work with the new cam.{I was hoping to be able to use something from that buget roller cam kit good money spend on nothing..} I am having a crane roller cam installed 214/210.He is telling me the retainers are going to cost $237.00.So when getting home I called Summit. He looked the springs up{ones on the cam card}.Close to the same price for the springs .But the retainer were only $51.I told him the price the machinest gave me.So he looked them up.He said that they were the most $$$ that crane sold.They were Titanium. He told me he tought they were over kill.That he only know of people that do alot of racing and put out some big horse power use them.
So I was thinking of calling the machinest tomorrow to see if he can stop the order.And I can over night from summit.Or should I just spend the money and get the Titanium ones..
If you're running a hydraulic roller in a stock block, you don't need titanium anything. Get retainers that are the right size for the springs you've got, and leave it at that. You should be able to get a roller cam spring that's the same OD as the stock spring and reuse your stock retainers, IMO...get new locks for insurance.
Yes that is what I thought.I even called crane.The guy on the tech line said"Sh#t NO".You dont need them.Then gave me the same part number for the retainers as Summit did....Thanks again.I called the machinest first thing this morning .To let them know I will get the parts.
You can afford titanium retainers

When I was offering the Stage JR. heads, I used the CompCams 980 springs with a titanium retainer and forged locks. My reasoning was lighter and stronger.

Competition Products in Oshkosh, WI has the titanium retainers for $79.95 per set of 16 and VTO 4140 forged molly steel locks for $14.95 per set of 32 for 16 valves. They are a circle track racing company and all these are bundled for small block Chevies.

Howards #3350 stock size retainers with 7* locks. These fit the CompCams 980 or 981 springs really sweet. They are a stepped retainer. I won't call them a "No wiggle", but that is the type you are looking at.

1-800-233-0199 for orders
1-920-233-2023 for information or tech questions

Since these are in bundles of 16, it means a group of you guys could go together and it would be like every fourth motor would be free. You have enough for two valves left over from each set after you do a V6.