Rough idle


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Dec 23, 2001
I bought a TTA with 52,000 miles and when it is idling it runs really rough. When you accelerate it runs fine, it only runs rough when idling.

What do I need to check and where does everything need to be set at?
I replaced the O2 sensor and checked the IAC and TPS. They checked out fine, but it still has a rough idle and it wanders a little until it warms up.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
What Chip is in it? That can make a big difference in the way it idles.
It has the stock chip in it. I changed plugs, reset the IAC, set the TPS and it runs better but it still has a miss to it. I have checked to make sure that all the plug wires are on. I am new to these cars so I really don't know for definite where each wire goes from the coil pack. I tried to keep them organized as I was changing them. I hope someone can help me with this problem so I can get ot the other problem I have.

The other problem I have is that the trans does not want to shift out of first until I take my foot off the gas and when it does it shifts very high. I have been told that it could be the govenor spring. It does not act like it slips when you first accelerate from a dead stop only when you are moving.

If anyone can help me I would appreciate it very much as I am new to the turbo car scene, as I have been a mustang guy for several years, but I am learning and enjoying the car very much.
Come on guys someone has got to be able to help a newbie. The problems still persists even though after I changed the plugs it ran much better for a couple of days. Come on someone give me somewhere to start looking.
The trans problem may be that the TV is not set correctly. Reset it. If it still persists drop the pan and check the govener spring. PMAC sell replacements. The trick is to put a some super glue on the ends, it works great.

As for the rough idle, try swaping the coil pack and module with some else.