RPM window switch for lock up control?


May 25, 2001
I was thinking that you/I/we could use a window switch to activate the converter L/U past a certain RPM instead of just at a certain MPH. Most folks I have heard from lock it in 3rd because it bogs 2nd. These are people with 3000+ stall and larger turbos.
Would locking and unlocking the converter (I have a 9x11) during a run be too hard on the clutch? I figure lock it just above the flash point to make it as efficient as possible and still maintain the max stall. ERIC.:)
Cool idea!!! Converter will take it. You try it and let us know...

How you gonna sense it?
rpm switch?
Try a couple ways.

I would love to run out and try it BUT the car is in Los Angeles and I am in Washington. Probably will not be seeing the car for another 18 months when I get out of the Navy. I will definetely try it, but I hope no one is holding their breath waiting for the results.
WE4, should I just start low and work my way up through the rpm range. I figure I would use the tach lead behind the alternator since I use it for the Autometer tach. ERIC.:)
Yea , I dont see why it wont work.... Try it.

Taffy, do you need a free flight down to LA so that you can try this? There is a military charter that flys down to LA every wed & sat . Call me DSN 382-0555/0558 I work this sat 1000-1600 than I'm on leave.