Russ Merritt built 109 in Connecticut


Former Owner, 87T
May 24, 2001
accidentally posted in the parts wanted section previously...

Just over 3k miles on the engine.

.030 with TRW forged pistons / Cryoed comp. 212/212 flat tappet cam (typical noisey setup) / beehive springs / ported heads with back cut stock size valves / ported intake / heavy duty rocker shafts / shot peened rods / stock crank cut .020/.010 / billet center caps / cometic gaskets / ported stock throttle body / RJC powerplate...

I'm looking to sell this complete with 55# siemens injectors.
I don't want to ship this so locals only please. It is still in the car so you can hear it run.

Asking $3850 (add $5K and you can have the rest of the car )
Guys, I know this car. WELL worth the price. Ben if I had the $$$ it would be in my driveway!! I have a pic from last year if you want me to post it..........