??'s on BRF & BQ Valvebodies


Speed Seeker!!
What exactly are the differences between BRF(86-87Turbo) and BQ(84-85Turbo)Valvebodies. My trans was a non BRF and i want to install a BQ valvebody that i have and the BQ governor. Is the valvebody itself exactly the same as BRF???? Think i was told it was, if it isn't what difference will i notice in my low 11 second 87 Turbo regal??? Thanks for any help:D Frank
Honestly..... they are the same. Only differences in the 84,85 and the 86,87 was the servo. The rest is the same. :)

But I bought all VB and GOV for bq from GM too... heheheheheheh
On a side note, I got them new in GM box lolol