San Antonio or Surrounding areas


Nov 16, 2002
I can help you get a new house with $0 down & $0 closing. I helped one couple get in thier home with bad credit(b paper) 0 down and 0 closing, and the house was 151,900. This was doing FHA 100% financing, getting the builder to give incentives and paying for a title policy. Send email if you want more information. Just though I would let the people know about this who are renting. You can stop throwing money out the window and start building equity. email if you want more info.
i know sommeone that might be interested in that...his email addy is ...he's also looking for a turbo buick...his name is mike pasley...maybe you know of something in SA... thanks
thanks!!! he lives on the northwest side by bandera and 1604 area...if you have time someday, maybe you could offer him a WOT blast or two in the buick sometime...he mentioned to me that he wants to buy a vette in the very near future...i downloaded a few TR videos for him last time i visited SA and he thought they were awesome...i think he forgot about the vette im on the lookout for him...i have owned a couple of TR's and i currently own a SY and a sy's shortblock is at janke engines in san antonio getting 4bolt splayed, eagles and je's as well as a balance and blueprint job as we speak...can't wait to hit the ancira track up there...

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both mike and i are originally from the valley..i've been in laredo for the past twelve years though...not much going on here in the way of turbo v6 power...the only turbo regal here is in my warehouse (85 gn converted to 86-87) well as syty's...i'm pretty certain that im the only owner of either here...we need to convert mike as well...he's a great guy, mechanically inclined, detail oriented and a turbo regal would really suit him...he doesn't cut any corners either on his toys...he's never been in one though...i don't want to get him into syty's as they are rather weak in stock form...take alot of money and headaches to get right (trans, rods, block, pistons)... a turbo regal is alot tougher, more reliable and much more practical for him IMO...