Saved my Pennies , Looking for a Syclone


Nov 22, 2011
ok , have saved some dough , looking for a clean Syclone , don't care about miles , would like a clean decent example , no crashes , prefer original paint , let me know what you have , thanks
Not sure if you already know, but I have spotted some online i.e. autotrader, ebay, etc
and maybe check out

they have more discussions on there and is helpful like this site.
Just bought a Typhoon so I was eager to get info, but not alot going on here sometimes.
Shoot me your contact number and I will give you a call. I have one and in the process of putting motor back in it. Once completed it will be up for sale. I might be able to help you find one but not sure on/at what stage you are looking for. I don't get on here much but I will check back in a few days.
Butch2000, what are looking to spend? What are you looking for stock or modified? Proptop's syclone is a very well built truck that does not look modified, but runs very well. Still has the A/C, battery in the stock location, ABS valve controller and runs 6.90's in the 1/8th and 10.90's in the 1/4 on pump gas with alky. Very fun on the street. Small turbo, stock heads and turbo tweak chip.
Let me know if your interested.
I really only wanted a stock or slight mod , dont really want something done , want to build it myself ,
But , whos truck is this ,? pics etc ? was thinking around 20 k
I have a nice one


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Pm me your number if you would like to talk about what it takes to make a quick Street Syclone. I should be able to give you some hard lessons learned once I know what your goals are. One more thing when you find a Truck make sure that you have plenty of Jack stands around :).
Theres one down in Miami fl for around 16k I believe it seems to be decent lightly modded. Any chance you are selling any parts off the wreckage?