SBC Aluminum connecting rods 6" Manley


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Jul 5, 2004
No need for these, need $ for other builds... These were only used on the dyno to test a few different heads and cams for a magazine article or something. Never run in a car, only a handful of pulls on the dyno. These things are superlight, can only imagine how quick a motor would rev with these.

Small Block Chevy
Part # 14006-8
STD Weight
Large journal
.300" longer
6.000" ctr. To ctr.
2.225" Big End bore
2.100" Crank Pin
538 Gram
Sets weight matched to +/- 1.5 grams
Lightened Caps
Big and small ends final honed to +/- .0002"
8740 alloy 7/16" ARP Cap Screws

Any questions, just ask. Would consider trades for Stage II rods or crankshaft. Looking to get my money back on them, $500 shipped OBO???

Want to get rid of these soon, have my eyes on other parts. :biggrin:


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TTT, open for offers and/or trades. Looking for dry sump stuff, Stage 2 parts, 200r4 deep pan, 4 bolt turbo, trans brake, roller cam for S2, or just surprise me. :)
Alright, someone informed me that these are not the part number I put up on the first post, they are the better, stronger "Super 70 Nitrous" connecting rods.

Check out the info below. I bought these to use in a motor of mine but changed directions. They are lightly used, only dyno time never in a car. They were used in a motor to test cams and heads for an article. They have a handful of pulls and are still in great shape. These are super light and would make a killer motor that revs quick! 6" rods, great for a SBC 383 stroker.

EDIT: I was mistaken on the part number of these rods originally, but have corrected the auction. These are the Super 70 rods, and are the Nitrous model so they are thicker above the pin and much stronger. Also have the 7/16" bolts instead of the 3/8". Look at the info below:

Manley Aluminum Rods
Super 70 Material - Fully Machined Billet
Small Block Chevy

13% Stronger and harder than 7075 T-6
Approx half the stretch of 7075 T-6
Machined for maximum weight reduction
Sets weight matched to +/- 1.5 grams
Cap fasteners for the Nitrous rods are 7/16"
ARP 2000 Cap Screws
Impinged surface provides enhanced fatigue strength
Rods are .010" shorter than dimensions listed.

The info says 561 grams, but I just measured them at 545, so they are a tad lighter. Again, these are super light, super strong rods, with very little use. I was told only about 8-10 dyno pulls to test 2 cams and 2 sets of Brodix heads. No nitrous used!

Part # 14806-8
Application Small block Chevy Nitrous
Journal Size Large
Length Ctr. to Ctr. 6.000" (.300" longer)
Big End Bore 2.225"
Crank Pin 2.100"
Gram Weight 561

Sorry for any confusion, but I guess this is good news! ;)