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could you wire an OBD I plug to a scan master so it is easy to plug and unplug from the ALDL
obd1 aldl port has ground (A) and data (E) but does not have 12v so just plugging in an SM it still needs 12v , but you could use one of the unused ports to add a pin and supply 12v to it and then pick it up in your aldl plug
ok great thx thats a good option
I might make a plug for the 12v ciggy lighter
I just had an old scanner I could sacrifice the plug but probably easier to just put male spade connectors on the scan masters wires
on the SM i use for testing ii put the power and ground on cig plug and then run the white wire with a pin on end for the data , takes two seconds to hook up
if you have time could you take a pick of your set up so I can fashion mine after it
just checked my ciggy lighter and got 12v there like to see your pin connector for the ALDL tried one I had laying around the shop but it doesn't seem to go in very well
so here is how I did my portable scan master works great and I can take it out when at shows but can always see what is going on with the car, used an old 12V plug for a spot light I don't use anymore

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