Scanmaster help


Bench Racing Hater
Aug 7, 2003
I just got a Scanmaster 2.1 for Christmas, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the best methods for using it. TIA.
Plug it in.

Mount it on the dash or somewhere you can see it well.

Pay attention to what it tells you. ;)

Your question is kind of vague. What exactly are you looking for? How to use it to tune? How to use it to troubleshoot? What are you looking for?
tune, troubleshoot, all it can do for me. I read the manual when I opened it. I will probably install it today sometime. Can't use it till I get my intercooler pipe back with my BOV mounted on it. Engine getting new valve springs and an RJC power plate. Hope to run low 12's with 28" Quick time pro's. Nitto's spun some through my 1-2 shift.