ScanMaster Questions

Jan Larsson

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Nov 22, 2001
Where did you guys mount your scanmasters, pictures?, and also what is the size of the actual unit just so I can start looking where to mount it.

To wire it up I understand there's just 3 wires to hook up at the ALDL connector (ground, data and +12v) is that correct?
Jan..just put one in the TTA last week. I'll shoot some pics today. I mounted it under the dash lip (HD velcro) between the tach and speedo. Fits perfect there. Great visibility. I took the wire it comes with off and used some real thin black wire from work and you can't tell or see it. Yes 3 wires. One I tapped into the accy. on the fuse block, the other on a ground nut just under the dash and the last wire goes into the ALDL connector. Top row second pin over. :)
Jim, thanks for the info. Had a look in my car this morning and sounds like where you mounted it will work very well while driving the car. Some pictrures will be great.

Where did you get yours?
ya what he said ... I had to push this one over a little for a 30# boost guage :eek: good ol alky :cool:


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I got my SM right off this board by another member. Great price too! :) With Dan's pic now you can see the difference changing that gray wire the scanmasters come with. I soldered it out with a thin black wire I had laying around at work and you really can't see it much with the dash in the TTA. The only thing I didn't do yet was make a mini connector just off the SM so I can take it out if I want. I'll velcro the mini connector to the underside of the dash as well and paint it black so it can't be seen. Every electronic part I buy I always have to take it apart and look inside :D Here is one pic and follow this link




Jim I usually tape the wire black BUT look at the rest of the car :eek: I spent a long time with the cage ..painted same color as the interior... cut the back panels nice an clean ... other guys see it and go WOW .. the owner say's "WOW what" :rolleyes: original owner . first TTA raced up here :p he got his $$$ worth outta the car :D


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Dan there is some dust on that car! :eek: :biggrin: Have any old TTA badges laying around cheap? Just looking for some to stick on my tool box and cabinets around the garage.
I took a piece of black banding from a pallet(skid) and put 4 90 degree angles in it to wrap around the SM with extra length on each side. Mounted it to the screws under the dash that hold the dash pad together and wrapped the wire with black tape.

I installed mine next to my a-piller dual gauge pod. That way, I can see the boost, knock, and o2's while watching the road. I'll try and get a pic later or tomorrow.