SD2, Powerlogger, Scanmaster


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Apr 16, 2004
Trying to go another direction here, and getting rid of my Turbotweak setup. After all the bodywork, suspension, etc if I ever want this thing to drive again I am going to have to stay with a more stockish type build for a while. I still love this setup I just never got to use it on my vehicle. I bought this used here on the list a few years ago. Got everything all hooked up and running and then never finished the car. When I received the Powerlogger it was working but had some glitches, I still think they were mostly my issues. Anyway, I sent it into Erik and he replaced the whole unit with the newest version available. I installed it, everything was great, and it sat in my dining room till now.

So I have nearly everything from TurboTweak, I would certainly work to package these things together if someone is interested. I will price these with shipping to the lower 48 included, assuming nothing weird with shipping.

PowerLogger, includes Powerlogger module, input/output device, the 2 cables necessary, the scanmaster 2.2 update chip and all the documentation I have. $230 shipped View attachment 337152

Scanmaster includes scanmaster (this would be the older red display version) and included literature in very good condition $220 shipped View attachment 337153

SD2 chip inlcludes chip (listed as TT 60lb SD2 1.2) this of course is designed to be modified to match any injector or combo you might have, and documentation. $320 shipped View attachment 337154

I knocked about 15% off the retail price. As I said I would be happy to bundle some of this together.

Let me know if you have any questions. I might be easier to get a hold of through email than PM. Direct Email is