set up question


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I have a Buick GN and was wondering if you could recommend a Cam...
It is a stock block with basically stock crank and rods with ARP Bolts
and studs steel mains. It has studded Aluminum GN-1 heads and Speed pro system, PTE
Stealth Turbo & PTE intercooler, 3.42 Rear Gear. I have a 400turbo
w/brake in it now but going to put the 2004R back in in the spring. I
did not really get to do any driving with the 400 turbo in it.. Don't
like the manual shifting.
I can get the Stall re-stalled if necessary for the turbo/cam
setup. I have a 218/218 in it now I believe and it is horrible on the
street when I had the 2004r in it from a start it would basically creep
away and maybe 150 feet or so out go crazy (to much lag). I don't know
if it was the turbo or the cam or maybe a combination of both. So I
wanted to know what would be a ideal cam for the above listed set up.

I have noticeable a shake or vibration from the motor now and it sets
off my knock detector (can feel the shake idling) so I don't know if
something is bent or out of order down low or the cam has a wiped lobe.

I have a 4.1 Stage II motor (billet crank & Rods with piston for
Stage II heads) I was thinking about switching to but didn't really want
to spend all the money I have spent over again. The motor in the car
has about 200 miles on it just hasn't been driven in a couple year.

Well any help or advise you can give would be wonderful.
Thanks Dan,
Do a search on the 204/214 speed pro on here.I see alot of good things about it.Some guys are hitting low 10s with it.I have the 206/206 comp and it pulls and spools pretty fast.Your problem sounds more like a tune up thing though.Have you reset the IAC? what do the plugs look like?You say it vibrates,are the motor mounts good?