Shift points


May 25, 2001
What RPM are you guys shifting at? I know the motor is supposed to make its peak HP @ 4,000 but what is the redline:confused:
I'm just a tad above Fred too, WOT 5400 rpm, 4800 rpm at 3/4 throttle. Have not seen WOT in a long time, need time off from work to fix the car. :( I'm poping/losing power at WOT when I boost over 10-11 psi.
Fred are you still using a 350c trans ? If so that is more than likely the reason the shifts are a little diff. I want WE4's street/strip 200R4 plus his 911 torque converter, but I'm having other problems that I most fix first :( With his combo he said I should drop .5 off ET
Yes , I'm still using a Th350 , with a adjustable vacuum modulator. I can move my shift points up.
Rich, I'd keep it below 4500 unless you have some fresh 85+ lb valvesprings. Otherwise the old stockers will just float. GB