What do you guys think the best non adjustable shock is for launcing not worried really about ride quality . I have some senstracs from napa new but didnt realize most are running the monroe senstracs the napas any good ?? Lemme know what you guys think on this one
i say the best bang for the buck are competion engineering 90/10 up front and 50/50 sure qa1 make a non adjustable
Just installed some competition engineering 90/10's on the front, and going to intstall summit 50/50's on the rear. For the $, they are less than the monroe sensatracs that they are replacing. Will see if they help with the 60' at all next time out
The competition engineering front shocks went in without a problem, their settings are clearly marked on the box. The Summit rear shocks came in yesterday, and the box has nothing on it, the shocks are painted white with no decals or markings on them except the stamped in XF,F,R. The paperwork in the box mentioned nothing about which settings were what, so I used the competition engineering box. Later last night (after car down and off the stands) I read the ad in summit for their shocks and there in mentioned what setting was what:mad: . I get to re-do the rears since I have them set wrong:mad:
So, anybody that buys the summit rear drag shocks, here are the markings and their meanings;
Extra-Firm 40/60
Firm 50/50
Regular 70/30