Short shifting 1st gear


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Feb 16, 2002
Hey Bruce,

The weather is finally starting to break around here and I am able to drive the car more. The Servo and kit you sent is working great (68 camaro). I still need to take a couple of the shims out of the 2nd gear accumulator.

Anyway, one question. The car is short shifting first gear, as I ease out into traffic and then floor it, it will shift into second at around 3500 rpms (still barks the tires). I played with the TV like you suggested, easy on the throttle until it shifts into second gear then floor it and it will downshift back to first gear and runs right up to 5000 rpms. I think the TV is just about perfect as I need to slightly lift to get it to go into 4th gear. Any ideas on why it does this?

Thanks again for all your help.
Getting closer tho , eh?

Take one click out or tv. ONE! If 4th is late and you like the rest we will attack the 3-4 shift valve train. In my honest opinion, live with it, and lift a touch. if this is not to your liking, a tranny fluid bathing again we will go!!!! :D

Thanks for the reply. Yes, we are getting very close! I agree, the 3-4 shift is just fine as I don't mind lifting alittle to get it to go into 4th.

What about the short shifting in 1st gear? This one will need some attention as shifting into second at 3500 is alittle early especially with my 327 that needs to rev alittle to make any power. It seems really strange that it will hold the 1-2 shift until 5000 when down shifting from 2 to 1st, but shifts early when I floor it from a stop or slight roll. Let me know if you have any ideas.

Hey Bruce,

Sorry to keep bugging you as I know you are very busy. Any ideas on my post below?

hey greg,while you're waiting for bruce to get back to you you can entertain me:D.

are you running a 2004r behind a carbed sbc?reason i'm asking is cuz my dad has a 30 model "A" pickup (hotrod) with a 327/th350 and 4.11's.

she's a beast with those 4.11's,but a highway cruiser she's not:D.what did you use for a tv cable,and how did you attatch it to the carb?are you running a lockup convertor?what stall(what cam?)how do you lock it?anything else i need to know?

I am sorry..

I have been very very very busy . I will be out of sync for a few days as I now have to buckle down and get ALOT of work out. 16 hr days are killing me. This process may take some delicate communication to do over distance. I would prefer to work with you from a phone line on this. Just give me a little time as time is my enemy right now. I will help you , but I need to get some things handled here as I am wayyyyyy behind and people would like their stuff back. I haven't abandoned you, I am just trying to keep up and actually get some sleep! :D

Thanks for your reply, I will give you a call next week. Hopefully you can catch your breath by then. Being busy is a good problem to have, at least it beats the alternative.


Yes, I am running the 200R4 behind a 327 sb. It is a stock 275 hp 68 camaro with a 3.42 posi. I was an easy change over from the TH350 (originally a powerglide). All three are the same overall dimensions, only exception is the mounting point on the 200R4. For my camaro, a Th400 was an option and that crossmember was just about perfect for the 200R4, very minor modifications to the holes in the mount. The driveshaft did not require any changes.

The 200R4 came from an 87 Monte SS (coded CZF), read some of the other posts on the more desirable 200R4's as you will not be happy with many of them (low performance models). I used the existing TV cable and fabricated a bracket up by the carb. I am running an Edlebrock carb (linkage has a attachment point for the TV cable) and they make a bracket if you would rather purchase one. It took a few adjustments to get it right, but now it works well. This is another area that you need to spend alittle time as the TV cable and operation is critical.

I am using the stock D5 converter with lockup, just a toggle switch on the console. I works very well and with the O/D and lockup, the drop in rpms out on the highway is great.

Overall, having the overdrive was worth the effort. Keep Bruce in mind for technical advice and many of his parts depending on your needs and engine power, he has been extremely helpful. Without his help, I probably would have put the TH350 back in by now (I rebuilt the trans myself and didn't set some of the clearances correctly the first time).

Let me know if you have any more questions.