Should I expect a dead system?


R.I.P. Lethal GN
May 26, 2001
My car has been down since last April. Just before it was towed I filled the tank to the top with 100% denatured alcohol. It does have a little of the lube stuff in it. It has been sitting in the tank since then with no movement. Should I expect corroded terminals or something? The system was only 2 weeks old when the car died. I'm looking to get it back on the road this month with a totally new combo and am hoping the system hasn't died while sitting around for almost a year. If something has corroded what is the cost of replacing any parts that typically may go bad? Thanks.

BTW.... this is an SMC single stage alky kit that was bought new less than a year ago.
For prcing on replacement tanks/pumps.. contact Steve at SMC.

You should be able and test it using your test button. Will it work or not.. sorry that I cannot answer.

I'll test when I get a battery back in it. Just trying to prepare for the worst in the meantime. Does your pump/tank integrate with the SMC kit or would I need your whole kit? I just need to check prices for now. Who knows, my alternator or something else may have died while sitting in a field for almost a year.
There is a saying in football when your 3rd and 20... But if it works.. ya never know till ya try.

Also Steve is not to bad in keeping his systems alive for reasonable $$$..

I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya ;)

Let me know if I can help.