Shout out and thanks

That GN Guy

Jun 26, 2006
I went to an air show at Bowman field in Louisville at the end of the summer last year. They had a small car show off to the side and there was a single GN. It was not modified and looked brand new, awesome car. I took about a dozen pictures of the engine bay from different angles to compare things later.

I was able to figure out where a lot of things under my hood were supposed to be from those pictures. I replaced my new upper radiator hose recently because the damn thing sagged into a pulley and started leaking. I got the hose support that was missing from gbody parts but had no idea where it went. Fortunately I had pictures from car show guy and was able to figure it out. Now my up pipe is zip tie free and I'm not buying any more hoses 😆 The list goes on, but you get the idea.

Just wanted to send a friendly thanks to car show people for unknowingly helping guys like me with their headaches.