SIR Test n Tune


May 29, 2001
Man, this long winter is making me anxious to head out to S.I.R. and starting playing with the GN again.

Anybody know when SIR will open this year for test 'n tune ?
Not sure how long they were going to take to redo the track. Any updates on the track ?
I wish i new myself:) If you find out anything tell me.I cant wait to try a new combo:D

Do you guys know where I can get the highest octane rating straight from the pump? I keep hearing about a place that's on Everett Mall Way but nobady can seem to remember.

I have an SMC alky kit on the way but Steve is backlogged and I can only get 15# berfore I start to Knock on 91octane.

Ya, I also heard about someplace on Everett Mall Way but could never find it either.

I did finally find a place that sells 100 octane and up. It's been a while since I've been there, so I don't know if they're still doing it but I assume they are because that's where a lot of race car guys get their gas on the way to Monroe Speedway. It was a Shell gas station with a big car wash in the back, located in Mill Creek near Thrashers Corner (Bothell-Everett hwy & Maltby).

Let me know if ya find another local spot.
I know exactly where that is. I'll have to give it a gander this weekend.


Where at in Everett are you? I'm in the lake Stevens area and alway looking to hang with another GN guy to show all those brand X guys the Dark Force.

Everett honda on Everett mall way sells Sonoco and trick:) I think that must be the place your talking about.Also Dennis petroleum next to the drving range sells 76 racing gas(Pro Stock118) . Its next to the Everett boeing plant:) It use to be on Everett mall way and moved to this new place next to the driving range:D Jim greens also sells Sonoco on 212th in Edmonds.If you want VP the only place you can get it is Honest proformance in Renton or Federal way.Ive got gas from all of them:) The guy at the Shell car wash at thashers corner sells trick and ive been bugging him to carry VP C16
I was more interested in "at the pump" kinda deal where I can just drive up and go. Are there's places like that or do you have to have a your own gas can that you fill up from a 55gal drum then dump in your car.

Geno started on the new motor yet?

If there is anyone you know in the Washington area looking to sell some parts for their turbo Regal I'm pretty much bone stock now so I'm looking for a lot. Injectors, turbo, intercooler, down pipe and so forth I need it all!

Trying to get ready for Portland this summer.

The 76 station on auburn way in auburn has 100,110,116 octane gas for sale Only the 100 can go right into the tank the others need to be put into your own container.
Hey rtviper how are you? You going to come down to Turbo Thunder this year? Any leaded gas cant be pumped into a your car:(
Geno I hope to make it my car is almost back together. i am having a hard time keeping up with all your buying and selling to see what you will end up with??I am sure it wil be fast as always
turbo thunder

I am thinking about heading to turbo thunder but not sure if I will run mine. you know being a carbed slug and all.:D
I live in Lake Stevens as well. Shoot me an email and we'll hook-up sometime soon.

My wife and I are planning on making it to Turbo Thunder III as well this July. Still would like to get a bunch of us together soon after SIR opens.
Wait a minute!!

I live in Lake Stevens too and I NEVER see you jokers running around. Matter of fact I have not seen another TR around here in a LONG time. I am still driving my white Integra right now, but I am bringing the GN back up here in April.
I would like to meet up with you guys and go racing when SIR opens. I leave in June though. More than likely I will not be coming back up here after that. Back to California. ERIC.
I NEVER see you jokers running around. Matter of fact I have not seen another TR around here in a LONG time.

Same here. The only one that I have seen has an awsome FMIC that you can see a mile away. Odd thing happend to me on Friday. My UPS guy "Dave" was asking if I new another guy off of Lunden who also has a GN. Would that be one of you two?

I had the GN out on Sunday, of course nice weather so I've take it out.

I will be going to SIR when It opens up not too much to boast though, just looking for a little 1320 fun. When shall we hook up? I'm usually out Fri&Sat night if the roads are dry and hangin with my Mustang buddies in Everett at McDonalds and K-mart on HWY 99 or on State street in Marysville.

I'll shoot you guys a private message with my phone #.

I have yet to go to the McD's on 99, but I would like to drop by on Fri or St. I will be in my Integra though cause the GN is in California. What time do you guys get to McD's? Where on 99 is the McD's anyways? ERIC.

That's me on Lundeen that good 'ol Dave delivers GN parts to :D

How could you miss me ? I'm the one drivin' the black car. During Winter I only bring it out on nice sunny weekends. Can't wait until better weather, so I can get it out more.

The next "dry" weekend. let's all hook-up.
The first drag race day is March 17th at S.I.R. or now known as Pacific raceway. I will take a look at the schedule and get an exact time that the gate opens. I am sure of the date though.

I am excited to see if I can inprove on my 11.67 @ 117.3 with my 92 Typhoon. I should be able to run around 120 or better now that I have some exhaust flow, I replaced the stock exhaust manifolds with a set of ATR headers and changed from a .63 A/R to a .82. What a differance on the top end:D I also installed a SMC alky kit and have been running 23#'s on 92 with it , 2 more #'s than I ran the 11.67 with on 100.