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May 28, 2001
What size rims and size tires do you guys run at the tracks? I need a matching set of the Weld's Pro Stars. I has also looking into those Sportmans front tires to run on the streets.
I run 205-70-15's on a 4" Weld rim up front. I had some 165-85-15's up front and they were just too strange looking with my 28" Rear slicks. If you really wanted a pic I could send one out via e-mail.


I also have 27x4.5" MT ET front runners on another 4" rim I can get pics of too.
I run 6" Centerline TelStars with 195-60's up front for street/strip. Running 255-50 M&H's on matching 8" rims out back. I tried 215-65's but I thought they looked like truck tires.
I found this to be a good set. Welds 15x5 with Mickey's sportsman fronts 26x7.5x15. Thanks for the replies.