A Vulgar Display Of Power
Feb 11, 2002
Does any one put slicks on stock gn wheels? I have heard of this being done how many of you do it. If so what sizes and is there any clearence issuses? What do you do for the front tires? Do you get skinnies that will fit on the rim? Sorry if this seems so dumb, but I just got my buick, and don't know much on the drag racing techniques of this car.
26x8.5 or 28x9 will go on a stock rim. Any of the 10" and wider tires won't fit properly. They may go on the rim, but not properly. Use the stock tire size for the front 215/65/15 is a good choice for the track. They are skinny enough.

Back in 1988 we started running M&H 10x26" slicks on a set of stock GN rims. We didn't have any problems with the centers wearing out, the slicks wore evenly and we didn't have any rubbing anywhere. We ran this setup for about 2 years and it really was stealthy. Most people never looked at you while in the staging lanes, but after a pass they sure noticed you.

Good luck,

Paul Beal