SMC Group purchase


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Oct 20, 2001
I would like to know who is ready to do the SMC alky group puchase? I tired of changing 02's & paying $2.30 per gallon for av fuel.
I'm going to post in the Alky/Nitrous tech sec. also.

OK's an I/C'er willing to work w/ us.

(Nobody tell him about the problems of being part of a big ((intercooled)) family and we can just raise him like one of our own.)

I understand the appeal of a homemade system, but I really want plug and go. Plus the in car adjustments sound to good to pass up.

20+ psi and pump fuel for $300.00= one hell of a deal to me. For all of you that haven't put in good fuel and ran a lot of boost believe me, it is worth the $.

Make it really easy on yourself and get a V3 from Jay, there is a great spot to spray and you can run any turbo. Or go all out and go V2, all of which alky can work well with.

OTHRWMN has an extensive electrical background maybe we can get him to develope a add on kit to the SMC or homemade system that lights the factory power injection light on the dash.

Hot-Air power the way Buick intended.:cool:
All you need is 2 wires and one of those peanut bulb light holders to screw into the dash.. i didnt have one so i just set the bulb in there and left two wires loose hanging down in the dash for whenever I can get around to this..

If I can ever scrounge up some money to get a SMC kit, the power injection light and the Low fuel light in my dash will be hooked up... might be another light to use for "armed".. but "car is leveling" doesnt sound like a good spot to use.. hehe.

I also put a blinking christmas light in the secuirty light spot hooked up to a switch just for kicks..

It would be really cool if ayone out there has the ability to make customized warning light plates... hmm... anyone?
Check out the Alky tech.....there's a group purchase going on right now.

Ryan I'll call ya this afternoon.
I just ordered mine! The cost is $302.00 shipped to your door.I also have the power injection/low fuel light figured out!
This is by no means blowing $300. The fuel savings alone make it worth it, not to mention the performance, and oh yeah, the "WOW" factor when you tell some N/A gear head you are running alky injection.
Originally posted by national84
This is by no means blowing $300. The fuel savings alone make it worth it, not to mention the performance, and oh yeah, the "WOW" factor when you tell some N/A gear head you are running alky injection.

I relize this......but I already run 20 psi on pump fuel!
What turbo are you using??? If its much larger than stock, you are my hero!!!:D Not to be a smart A$$, I am truly impressed.
HOW do you do it?
I have done it with a TA49 (sold), stock (on the car) and a Turbonetics Stage 3 Cheeta. The cheeta is going back on the car......the stock turbo is way to small.

This is done with 20-22* of timing.......hopefully next year I can get all the issues sorted out.

BTW - without the V2 kit it would be hard to do.....that intercooler must really flow. Jay has amazing products.
I run about 17psi on pump gas.. then again my JC93 street chip is a low timing version.. 17*
I am glad to hear that intercooler comment, because I too am getting the V2 kit. BY the way, what times have you run?
you don't wanna know - my car has plagued me all year. I ran 14.40's @ 95 with the stock turbo (ouch) and 15.87 @ 96 (with the Ta49 - damn). Definate tranny 2800 stall won't stall to 1500 :(

I made 5 passes all year and am still no faster than I was hotair. As soon as I get the trans sorted it will go like hell.
Man, I hate to hear that. That's truly depressing. Stick with it, if you tune it, et's will come.
Don't let those times foul you......NoCoolers car hauls ass after the boost comes up. With the stocker it spools like crazy but runs out of breath at about 4k.

Nobody deserves the string of bad luck this guy has had since converting over to the V2, all that money to slow down.

It will turn around for him this next summer though....maybe my car will run ok so he can have time to tune his.