So Cal Cadillac CTS-V, STS-V, XLR, & turbo Buick GTG:

No, Gary killed a little rice-a-roni Match Box series Honda that thought he owned the road.
It was in a very tight 90˚ left hander and he had the inside lane, I had the outside lane. After I killed him in the corner for some reason he thought that he was going to get revenge on the straight away.
Mike ran over him right after I did.
If I could come across the little ol lady from Pasadena I would probably bag her & tag her & mount her on my wall.
Did Gary from Compton run over the little old lady from Pasadena?:eek::D

Some dude in a modded Honda kept trying to get him to race.
Gary finally obliged the poor fella.:D I was right behind them when it happened. I'll try to post it in the kill section when I get a chance. Or, do we have a "Massacre" section?:eek::D