So, i'm doing some reading...


Texas, Where are you from
Reading on these proportioning valves. I bought a brass one several yrs ago and put a search in on the ebay and came up with something like this.

Not sure what it is made out of but as it is silver in appearance I don't think it is brass. Has anyone taken the jump and tried one of these? Made of chicom but for $26 plus tax it seems like a viable option. The brass ones I'm sure come from over there too so I don't think that is a down side so much.

Anyone have some feedback? TIA
worth a try or spend the money on a brass one? I don't have the road salt and such like a northern climate might. but for a few extra sheckles I'd rather spend the money if the brass has a better record . I know the original iron one I took off my first one was pretty corroded inside.
I just replaced mine for the second time this past June. Leaking of course and from what I was able to find out
is they're all made in china except for the Wilwood one that says it will work but it's only for 4 wheel disc. Evidently
when they are put together there's a small plastic part that isn't machine smooth and it will finally give out and cause leaks.
Some have tried farting around with adding a rubber o-ring to try a fix. So I think we're stuck with the current brass one.
And so far the new one isn't leaking yet. :D
The valve you presented is definitely made of aluminum, almost most of such parts are made from aluminum by the Chinese. Additionally, I wouldn't worry about whether it is actually made in their country, but I would recommend one made of copper, as it is probably better in terms of strength and durability, which is a big advantage.

Pretty sure he means brass.
So we have one in the stick to the brass unit column.
That is what I have in the OG. We are reassembling a Little LTD and it needs a lot.

It came with a bare frame. Guy was on the LS swap trail and lost interest.