Someone Help me please Thanx


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Jan 8, 2004
I just took my newly aquired GN out for a stroll yesterday. So Im new to GN's and new to how to fix the problems that occur. It rides and drives awesome, but once the car is hot and running and I get full throttle and see peak boost, if I come to a stop sometimes itll puff some smoke out the tailpipe for about 20 seconds and then quits. But doesnt do it all the time, and never does it while just driving normal or driving period. Only when I stop, after seeing a lot of boost for a period of time. Nothing is leaking or dripping under the engine bay. The only thing I noticed today there was a bolt in the turbo and the wastegate region , had some fresh oil collecting from it. So I torqued it down as best I could. It looks like theres a gasket in between this piece, so maybe thats bad or gone. I dont know?? Any thoughts would be great, I know its gotta be something stupid. Thanx in advance

Looking at it from seeing the smoke with the windows down it looks like blkish and stinks like burnt oil.
might want to take of the maf pipe and wastegate elbow to see how much play you have.

just a guess, I believe compressor surge is what killed one of my turbos. Might want to think about a BOV , I'm thinking about buying one but for my next turbo.