Someone needs to get a TR on TV and here's your chance!


Jun 28, 2001
Ok, how many TB members are also a member of autogeek, how many FL members have bought anything from them? Perhaps you are already familiar, anyhow, in that case here's some info - they're producing a TV series hosted by Mike Phillips and they are looking for cars to showcase in south FL.

Autogeek What's in the Garage - Looking for Cars

I definitely urge everyone to check it out and send your info, I know there are plenty of AWESOME TR's here and definitely belong on a fine show like that ;)

What is it?

Autogeek is a detailing products company. They have had some tv spots on two-guys-garage for a while now, they've started filming for a new regular tv series called "What's in the Garage", host is detailing guru Mike Phillips (formerly of Meguiar's).

Help a brother out, let's get a TR on TV!