Spark Plug Heat Shields......


Hi Folks:

Please excuse my ignorance, but I just managed to find a set of the heat sheilds that came on the spark plug boots for the TTA - I'm going to install them on my Turbo T. The question is this - there's a smaller, crimped end to the sheild and a larger end. Does the crimped end go around the wire or does it fasten to the boot? OR, does the smaller end fit down by the plug, with the larger end of the sheild up towards where the boot meets the wire? These things could kinda fit either way, so I just wanted to be sure before I started messing around.

The side thats plain goes outward.In other words the two little protruding tips lock onto the spark plug.

spark plug heat shields......cont'd


What's the easiest way to put them on. Do you put the shield on first and then slip the boot on or do you put the shield on the boot and then clip it to the plug? The only reason I'm asking such a stupid question is that the number 6 cylinder is a bitch, and I just want to make sure these things stay put.

Thanks for the help.
On mine,I slip the sleeve over the boot then push/wiggle/jam it in there.The use of a silicon dialectric grease majes it easier when the boot is lubed internally.

They are a fricken pain in the ass and I hate them FWIW.

Sorry I had to vent :)

Next time I do mine....I'll probably do the fire sleeves insted of those shields and see what happens.

WAIT a Minute, when I changed out the original plugs last year I didn't bother ReUsing these....aren't they just really cosmetic..the Buick's don't use them??? Just curious...
Razor said:
dang.. I've been posting over 4 years.. :eek:

Yea, didn't realize that was from that long ago, I just happened upon it...Still curious though...anyone actually re-USE these????