Spark Plugs



Hi everyone, What brand and spark plug part # does everyone use in their TTA? Has anyone tried using a different heat range. What works best in your cars? Thank you for your answers!!

I'll soon be a TTA owner, and was doing some research on this subject as well.

Didn't realize that the TTA's used different plugs than the GN, then found out that they use the same plugs that I used on my Syclone (iron non stock heads), so the info I got there can be applied.

I used AC R43LTS in the Sy, relatively cold, should have used the R42LTS (which I found is what TTA's used). I tried Autolite 104s, 103s... had some Champions... but what I was really hyped to try were NGK TR6's.

They are the plug of choice by any LS1/LT1/GTP/some Stang owners who run lots o' NOS/boost. They like them better than the R42LTS & the Autolites. I found they had better idle & drivability than the AC & Autolites.

I'll probably do my tune up and tuning on R42LTS, but may try the NGK's.

Anyone have any experiences to share?
Tha TTA has different heads than a Gn. The compression is higher they flow better on the exhaust side. They ressist detonation better.
Well if looks meant anything...the NGK's look far superior in quality than the AC's.The electrodes dont come bent up and misaligned.

I'm buying a set tomorrow and trying them out.

The TTA you bought, that the one Gino had for sale?

Yup, been spending some time getting things 'right' on it, with a few upgrades.

Intercooler was a PTE front mount, redid the pipes on it (still waiting on a few parts), turbo was a custom deal with upgraded compressor side, stock exhaust side, so I'm in the process of installing a PTE 54 w/.63 AR housing. It was using a stock MAF with 50s, I now have an extender chip in there with an LS1 sensor & MAF Translator. Have Direct Scan to install, along with a couple gauges. Changed plugs/wires & valve cover gaskets (my guess is the rear main is leaking though). Just installed my dual nozzles for the SMC kit (had it from the Typhoon, figured I'd use it on the TTA).

Just waiting on a few small things to come together and I'll begin tuning, hopefully get some passes in this year before the snow comes...

Brian G
If you don't mind me asking, I'd like to know what you paid for the car,....a buddy of mine was looking at it. You can e-mail me privately if you wish.