spearco for sale

85 TR

wondering if anyone is interested in buying my intercooler set up that i modified to set in stock 86/87 location blew my motor and am going to be doing power stroke in process ill try to get pixs up soon of the kit installed and off the car also looking for 350 plus shipping? also have perfect condition atr 2.5 dp ill let go for 50 plus shipping ill get pix soon
the down pipe does not bolt to stock cat had it hooked up to my high flow cat so you will have to have a new flange welded on but it is in great shape and v6 were u talking about the intercooler?
hey guys sorry so slow on the replys dont have a computer right now so haing to use bro's when i can ill check on shiping for the dp my 85 get back to you hopefully tommorrow
Intercooler still available? If so, is there any chance of getting pixs of the intercooler setup? You can email them to me if that would be easier!