Speedometer dosent work anymore????


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Apr 7, 2002
I have installed an 85 regal t-type motor and digital dash in my 85 chevy s-10 the speedometer worked yesterday but now it dosent. doesent light or anything. any clues??? Also my turbo gauge dosent work any ideas???? Thanx.:confused: :confused:
As for the speedometer, if it's JUST the speedometer and the other two gauges work then you may have a wire loose, or a bad speedometer. Mine only works half the time right now and I've been too busy to try to fix it. With the turbo lights not working, make sure you have a vacuum line from the MANIFOLD (not the throttle body) going to the proper MAP sensor for the digital gauges. Make sure the connections are good on the sensor too.
I will check the connections and the map sensor. I dont know if I have the right one for the buick. ( the map sensor that is )
I will tell you that the MAP sensor is not only specific to the turbo Regal, but to the digital dash as well. It does not look like a conventional GM MAP sensor. This one is only two wires. It just allows a ground signal through when there's 3psi and 6psi of boost I think (at least that's how mine is).