Speedpro/Classic FAST installation (HELP?)


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Installing classic fast on my car. Got it with a harness already tied in and it seemed simple enough to splice into my harness. I have gone through the harness that came with the system seems like...

1 wire to injector harness

1 Power

3 grounds?? (1 is all black 10or12 gauge, other 2 are black with gray stripe)

1 green wire ties into the harness before the factory ECM connector.

Wideband O2 direct from fast box

Brownish/tanish wire grounded right before factory ECM connector.

Now I copied what was done on the other harness and am having trouble.

Won't start. 42psi fuel pressure (kinda high vac line on) @ priming, NO INJECTOR PULSE.

Haven't checked for spark I stopped testing stuff and have been trying to figure out why I have no injector pulse.

Is there a Turbo buick specific wiring diagram for this installation ??

I counted pins when I spliced into the harnes at the ECM connector I am 150% sure I tied this in the way it was on the other harness. Running out of patience. Thanks all.
Also the tune on the ECM was for a 274ci motor with 96# injectors, changed it on the configuration to 83#ers and 249 to match my combo new to all of this just need to car to start and drive to the dyno.
I doubt the FAST Forum will be of much use if you are using an adaptor harness. Need a little more informtion. Did you unplug the MAF sensor? If you don't have a factor analog dash, you will need to tie in the 5V referance and ground to MAP. When you crank the car over, do you see rpm in the computer? Do all your other sensors read correct when viewed from FAST? Where are you located, I may be able to find you some local help.
Just saw no injector pulse. Verify TPS is not reading over 100% and verify you are seeing rpm on your FAST. Also verify you have 12V at the injectors
Technically there are 12 injector wires. 6 of them are ignition power (12 volts). One on each injector. They all share the same power from the wire he "T"ed in from the adaptor harness
I have to go through all the reading when I get home. MAF is unplugged, I have already wired the MAP under the dash back when I installed my alky kit.
When I get home will verify rpm during cranking, 12v at injectors, and TPS not reading over 100%.

Thanks for the help guys I appreciate it!
Okay, so TPS is at 9%, RPM do not read during cranking but flash 50 right after I stop trying. Looking all over for the volt meter to check injectors. I'm in LA. Any other ideas based off what I've gathered so far? The car was running perfectly when I pulled out the old ECM :(
Where did you wire the power wire to? What does your MAP read with the key on, engine not running? If you aren't showing rpm when cranking, you won't have injector pulse.
Tried cranking one more time and the dash board disappeared and the computer disconnected. Comm write failed.
I'll ask again. Where did you wire your power wire into. The reason I ask is, it sounds like your switched 12 volts is going away when cranking (like most accessories do). I suspect, if you were to use a bump switch on the starter instead of the ignition, the car might start.
What is your MAP reading when ignition on, engine not running?
Key on engine off
It is tied into the ignition box to an ignition terminal. What kind of switch do I need to buy?
It is probably tied to a source that is losing power when cranking. Verify this is the case and if so, select a diferent ignition terminal in the fuse box that has power while cranking. Also, your MAP sensor is not wired in correctly. You need to verify you have 5 volt and ground at the sensor.
Just curious, where did you get the start up tune?
Does the fuel pump prime at key on? it shows 1 when active but 0 after the pump stops. And like Cal said, the map sensor isn't wired right, -14.5 psi means zero volts and should be around 0 at key on/engine off.
Not really a start up tune this was the tune for a stage car the ECU was used on not sure who tuned it. I think he tuned it at the track. When will you be in California again I would love for you to tune this thing.

Fuel pump primes about 42 psi. Kicks on for 4 seconds and shuts off. Going to look into the MAP I'm thinking the power or gorund wire came loose while I was messing with the harness.