Sport coupe gauge cluster with tach FS


What's Fuel Injection?
Normally I'd put my FS stuff in the FS section but since it's carb turbo specific I thought I'd put it here and if it gets moved that's fine-

I put this 'rally' gauge cluster in my century Wagon and picked up a sport coupe cluster for parts. I sold the car as a roller and kept the cluster as it's pretty rare and the new owner didn't use OEM gauges.

You get 2 clusters and the bezel and the shaft radio bezel in this package.

1 cluster has a Bosch tachometer put in the location where the clock typically is. It has voltage and temp readouts also has provisions for the optical speed sensor to run lockup and cruise stuff.

The other cluster came out of a 79 sport coupe regal and is missing the clock but has the boost light display and temp gage. Plastic is partially faded and speedometer plastic has a chunk cracked out.

Bezel has a few places of vineer pealed off but it's pretty good.

$150 for everything + shipping located in MN.