St. Louis Area Regal-T


I have recently purchased a dark gray 1987 Buick Regal-T from the St. Louis Missouri area. I know the two previous owners have passed but I am looking for any history someone may have on the car. I think the first owner was handicapped and had the floor petals converted to hand control. I think he had patents on military laser tech. The second owner passed from asbestos contact and won a lawsuit against Ford company in early 2022 but later passed. I think he may have been a mechanic at some point and later involved with printing equipment. Both owners lived near the 270/55 highway intersection about 1/4 miles apart. I would like to know any information or stories you may have about the car.
The car only has two owners total? If it was Vic's car he would have had the hand controls installed. He also had a stainless steel panel at the rocker to allow him to get in using his wheel chair. Does the car have a maroon interior?

You are correct, the first owner was Vic Nettle. No stainless panel now but there are still holes in the petals for the controls. There is significant paint damage around the driver's door entry that I was told was from a wheelchair. The headrests and armrest were removed and missing. The car does have an immaculate maroon bench seat interior. In 2007, it was sold to William Torkey that lived within a quarter mile of Vic. William put very few miles on the car currently at 40,000 miles. William passed last year and I purchased the Regal T which now resides in Springfield Mo. I would love to hear "ANY" stories you have about this car and it's owners.
After some more research, I don't think Vic was the first owner. One of the previous owners may had been
Gremler's (Harold Gremler) in Pennsylvania. Maybe a dealer? I think it was originally sold at Rice Upperman Pontiac Buick, Corry Pennsylvania. Maybe Vic didn't have the car that long. The paperwork I have is a little hard to figure out and I have nothing before Vic except the window sticker.