Stage 2 heads & intake


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I forgot to list the intake the other day anyway i might be interested in trades i need a torque converter for my combo stock bottom end arp bolts,200/200 cam,jim ruggles heads 1.77 valves .43 # injectors, ta 60 turbo,3:42gear. other items i would be interested in are a g80 rear, engine & trans for another gn body i have call & let me know what ya got if interested i can send pic by cell my digital camera broke. thanks steve 706-766-6133 oh yeh a guy called me and said he had rocker arms to fit these heads for 200.00
What intake? What stage 2; on center or off center? Can you email pics from your phone? I have cheesy phone contract with no internet or pics, but if you can email them, I will post them.
stage 2 heads

i.m having trouble with my e-mail anybody interested can see pics of heads on atlanta craigs list thanks steve
Here you go guys!

Buickstv87, update/correct me if I am wrong here:

Intake looks pretty dang new and in good shape.

Heads look to be ported, and set up for a Jesel style rocker arrangement. Deck surfaces look good, as well as valves, retainers and springs, and there looks like some welding by the spark plug holes. Any idea what that was for?

How much you asking for each again?


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