Staggered brake setup best for foot braking?


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Nov 9, 2008
Hey guys, I have a quick question..

What is the best rear brake setup to hold the car in the hole for drag racing?

I have a ford 9 inch im installing right now with disc brakes. Should I stagger the calipers or should I leave them both pointing towards the same direction? I have heard if you staggered the calipers (basically be using two of the same calipers in the rear) that they hold the car better for foot braking.

Any help will be great.


i don't see how it would matter how the calipers were oriented- the torque will be trying to turn the rotors, which will be trying to take the calipers with them..
im running a 9 inch with disks,and coming off of a 10 bolt with drums with s10 cylinders and adjusted properly, the disks are holding more boost.i run a powermaster with stainless lines syn fluid.i was pleasantly surprised:)