stahl converter?


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Sep 19, 2003
I know that this question has multiple answers, but do you need a stahl converter when upgrading, and what does this accomplish by doing so?

thanks terbo:confused:
Yes, if you do not upgrade your converter to match your turbo it will not spool up properly. This will cause you to loose a lot of bottom end.
Just follow the recommendations of minimum stall for the turbo you want. I personally like to go at least 200 rpm higher than the min for faster response on the street and a harder launch at the track.
No, not at all. You may notice it takes a little more throttle for it to move from a stop, but the difference is marginal.
I drive my gn everyday with a 3000 stall converter and have no problems at all. I also drive the t-type all the time with a 3200 stall converter. You do feel a little difference, but it spools so fast it's almost like driving a non turbo car.
Also try doing a search on google on “How a torque converter works". This should help you understand it better.