Stalling when pulling into gear


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Nov 20, 2001
My TTa will stall when I put in into reverse, especially cold. It has also done it when pulling it into drive, but not as often and mainly when cold. I have a red 93 chip, vigilnatie 9" convertor and the trans was redone. It has new coil packs, new 02, spark plugs, and wires. The tps reading on the scanmaster at idle was .48 and there are no malfunction codes. Usually once it gets up to operating temp. it is alright. I have a 160 t-stat. I chekced the coolant temp with the scanmaster and it goes up as the car warms up like it is supposed to. Any ideas what to look for next?? :confused:
Well Not that this is your problem but.....

I *Heard* that when you go to a small converter that this is a common thing. There is supposed to be a "Patch" for this problem. Give your Chip Vendor a call and ask.
My car did this when I got it and it turned out that the cam sensor was out 180 from the factory.
I had the same problem with the Vigilante- I lowered the IAC Counts to Zero- helped some and just hit the gas and brake at the same time to start out until I got going- works :)