Stalls when put in gear!



I am running DFI 6.32 on a SBC 350 and every time i put it in gear it stalls on me. its like the torque converter is locking up soon as i put it in gear, the whole car tries to just take off. i've tried setting the stall saver as much as up to 70. but it still stalls when put in gear. and i looked at the fuel map and its jumping down to like 60-70% load when in gear. what can i do to fix this.. i dont' really want to buy a higher stall because i am getting a new transmission in a few months and have to get one for that. would just be a waste of money but this thing is a beast to get going and it stalls at stop lights on me.....fuel injection has been the biggest nightmare for me so far, i miss the carb.
I don't know a whole lot about the DFI, but I would suggest trying to open the throttle blades (using the setscrew on the TB) a bit more so that more of the idle air goes through the throttle blades and less air goes through the IAC motor when you're idling.

-Bob Cunningham