Started, ran, now will not run!! (VERY LONG)


Completed reassembly after installing new P&P heads with bigger valves and a mild cam, Engine ran fine before just wanted to improve things. The first time I tried starting it would fire once in a while so i new there had to be something wrong. I then found that the cam sensor was not put on the tab so it was not on the correct positon. fixed that and reset the senor with the cam positon tool. I then pulled the spark plugs and found that they wet with fuel. Most likely from the spark at the wrong time. I let the plugs sit out for an hour after cleaning them off and reinstalled them. I also found that I had a couple of plug wires wrong(duh). I then tried starting it and it fired up. Ran for about 5 to 10 minutes at 2500 RPM. I could hear the lifters tapping. Water temp was about 150 and oil pressure at 75 PSI. Got out of the car put something in the throttle to hold the rpm's up and the car died. Tried starting it and would not start. I had to put the throttle to the floor to keep it running and the rpm would not go above 1300. Pulled the plugs and they were totally covered black soot. Cleaned them off and the same problem after about only 15 seconds of running. I checked the oil and it looks perfectly clean and no leaks when it was running.

Things that could be the problem?

1. Gas in the tank is about 1 1/2 years od
2. The cam sensor is 45° different than it was before. Did I reassmble something wrong after priming the engine.

I have a lot of time and effort($$ & hours) into this thing and am not ready to give up but i a am getting close.
Prob not it but you could check the fpr and see if the diafram is would cause it to fuel foul the plugs.
Did you tighten the cam sensor set bolt? If left loose may have walked around a bit. I'd start there then check the things you have i.e. verify you have spark or not or fuel or not etc.