Starting all over.

So after a long period that involved moving, a race car project that I put on hold and having kids, I finally achieved a goal today. I took my son to the track today and made a few passes in the old Buick I’ve had for 21 years. 52k miles all original motor. Did a few upgrades like 6262 turbo , PTE FRONT MOUNT, 80lb injectors, AXIS chip and MAF box. All the usual stuff. All original except the 235 MT DR. Car went 7:70 @ 87 mph 21psi, 23’ Degrees timing ith a 30 mph head wind, 1.94 60’ leaving at just above idle. Had a great time. Best of all my 7 year old son is hooked! I have. 9.5 PTC in the box that’s going in next. Stay tuned!
So I have the PTC converter in and man what a difference. Took it to the track with the same tune as last time and just blew the drag radials off both runs. Tried to leave at 5 and 2lbs. No bueno. I’m gonna order slicks this week and try again.