State Of Emergency Never Ending?


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I've been watching the WH evening press briefings. Slide ahead to 1:04:10 and listen to Dr Fauchi. In his world he'd keep us locked down till there are zero deaths and zero new cases of this virus. You'll never completely eradicate this virus. Think about it. No more sporting events, no more going to the beach, no more going out to restaurants...the list goes on. If this guy has Trumps ear, then life as we know it will be changed for a long long time and we'll be into another Great Depression. I noticed Trump didn't have him out last nite. I wonder if he's had enuf of him. Fauchi scares me...there's something about him I don't like...and I've always been a good judge of character.

You're a crazy conspiracy theorist, this is just to flatten the curve.
Grass Dr says his GF is also totally pissed off at things in general.
Here she is headed to the Walmart....

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Also out of the 55,000 page document release, Pfizer wanted to keep this information from the public for 75 years!
Thanks to a Federal judge who rejected Pfizer's request to slow release it.

Where is Dr. F now? "Hiden like a Biden"

Being that it's pfizer's data they most likely left the zero off that 1223 count.
This is why I don't believe half the reports on Ukraine. I know the ordinary people are
caught up in the middle but their government is as corrupt or maybe even worse then ours.
Now they are going to give $14 billion to Ukraine, after all the kickbacks to our politicians and
theirs what will actually go to the people. Don't forget 10% for the big guy.
Zelensky needs cash too for upkeep on his $35 million Miami estate.
Covid is all gone except paying for it.............we are going to pay heavily for this shit. Today they lift the mask mandates in Ontario. Watch all the sheep still wearing a diaper on there face, this will show us who the the covididiots are.
YEP!! My estimate at work was about 60% of employees; including me; and 40% customers who stopped wearing masks!!
I'm in a small resort town and I'm still seeing a ton of fucktards wearing masks in the stores, in their cars and just out walking around.

Those are trudumb voters.
I was in wegmans today and some old squaw in a diaper jumped back for me to walk pass with no face blankie on.
She truly looked afraid. The fear will start to build when fall starts to get here.
Lots of reports coming out that deaths are up 40% from all causes plus those unable to work because of the jab. I wonder if this is why there are so many jobs going unfilled. Remember the life insurance companies a couple months ago said they are paying out the same 40% increase to policy holders.