Staydown License Plate holders and other parts...

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1972 Chevelle 505
1972 dart swinger 340 4speed
1966 impala
1955 chevy pickup MickeyRat
2002 monte ss DD

1987 Grand National
Stock turbo ,Red 93 street tune chip, 206/206 comp cam, valve spring upgrade, Melling hv oil pump
37lb injectors, Ls1 maf with translator, Oil filter adapter upgrade
K&N filter

Sitting at home not installed yet:
AlkyControl "Razor" injection with 3 bar map, Hot wire kit, walbor pump upgrade, RJC Racing Airflow Distribution Power Plate

15x9 4.25 bs weld prostars 275/60
15x7 weld prostar
He's selling quality stuff people. I bought the trans inspection cover. Good stuff.
All packages shipped!

Still have lots of stuff available. Make me an offer on anything. Worst I can say is no. This stuff needs to go.
Also, still have a few of the popular staydown plates left.
I do have some left.

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Thanks for info on start a conversation; I saw that choice, but didn't know it was same as PM. I will Paypal you for the plate. Any questions or problems with Paypal, please let me know.