Steel vs. Aluminum Pulley questions??


ya, the Monte over there.
not a turbo V6, but on my SBC, I currently have Chrome steel water pump and crank pulleys (water pump is a double groove, crank is a triple groove)

I want to put Billet aluminum pulleys on, but heres the problem, the current measurements of the steel pulleys are as follows: Water pump pulley is 6" diameter, and crank is about 7 3/4" diameter, I cannot find billet pulleys in these sizes, any ideas?? Most billet crank pulleys I've found are 6.6"

this will slow down my accesories, correct?

feel free to post links.
don't screw around with aftermarket aluminum pieces.. use the stock steel stuff that flat works.. and it's cheap.
thanks guys.

The chrome steel pulleys I currently have are from Summit. They don't seem to run "true" Like theres a slight wobble to them, and when it's cold you can hear a slight noise coming from the belt at low RPM's. (this is on a brand new Crate engine, so I know stuff isn't bent)

They are cheaper pulleys, so I thought by getting machined Aluminum pulleys that would run "true" I wouldnt have any more issues.

I cant afford to slow down my accessories any more, I have a High output Alternator and need all the amperage at idle I can get (large stereo system) And my AC is already too slow @ idle, makes a weired noise under 1,000 rpm.

I'll keep researching this, I just don't understand the size difference though, as to why they don't make larger Aluminum crank pulleys than 6.6"
March pulleys i believe make them.

yes they do.

I looked on their website, and found the right part numbers and ordered them through summit, they have a 7" crank pulley and a 6.25" water pump pulley, should work great for me, but MAN, are they pricey, $96.88 for the crank pulley and $86 for the water pump pulley. They are clear powdercoated so I'll never have to polish them.