Steering wheel recover or restore?


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May 25, 2001
Either a new or almost new steering wheel in GN gray or dark blue (Federal blue like the carpet?) TBD - as usual - the last minute. Two wheels to choose from.
  1. One is a gray Grand National wheel with good leather and stitching with a few abrasions & nicks to fix. It would need to be redyed either gray or dark blue.
  2. The second is a thinner wheel that I believe is a core that was never installed or covered (maybe?). Could it be GM sold it as a core? It is foam rubber with the usual stitch and seam pattern of the GN wheel. The grip is thinner maybe accounting for the added thickness of the leather wrap? This wheel appears slightly larger in diameter than the GN wheel but is otherwise alike including the GM part number.

So my questions are:
What do you think?
  1. On the GN wheel, fill nicks with something, sand lightly and redye as needed? Or...
  2. Have the foam core covered? If so where? Cost approximate? Color matching?

Pics attached... the first two show rubber core only,
DSCN3416sm.jpg DSCN3417sm.jpg DSCN3422sm.jpg DSCN3424sm.jpg

Anybody have some recent experience?
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